Play your chilhood games or discover new ones!

Enjoy your awesome NES, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameGear and Sega Master System games.

Learn and developed your own software

It doesn't matter if you are new or an expert with microByte you can easily create your own games or applications in Arduino or MicroPython.

Hack it!

Print your fancy enclosure, add new emulators, modify the hardware.You can do this and more, because it's Open-Source!

See in action!

Play everywhere!

Enjoy your childhood games or discover new games.

60 FPS experience!

Enjoy your favorite games at constant 60 FPS, in a colorful, crisp and sharp 1.3" IPS screen.

Nice gaming experience in tiny dimensions.

We care about your hand's health, that's why we made a huge effort to obtain a comfortable gaming experience. The design was tested with different hand sizes to ensure that everyone enjoys it.

Learn and develop your software, it's easy

MicroByte is not only for gaming, you also have a platform where you can develop your Apps with different languages and IDEs.
No drama with flash tools. Just copy the binary file to the SD card, choose on the menu and execute it like an App. Restart your device and you are ready to run a different App.


(Under development)

With the Arduino IDE library, you’ll have easy access to the hardware resources, using the Arduino IDE. You can reflash your device or simply copy the binary file to the SD card and execute it as an Application.


(Under development)
You can create your micro-Python programs with this port for microByte. This port is adapted to this device, and wrote in C, to have the best possible performance and have full access to the Hardware. You can easily load your Python programs from the SD card, or write through the USB connection.


Modify the firmware or create a new project with ESP-IDF. The best tool to use all the available feature of the ESP32.

Proudly Open Source!

3D Print your custom enclosure

Do you have a new fancy phylament and you want to print your custom enclosure? Awesome, the STL files are available!

Modify and/or IMprove the firmware

Developed with ESP-IDF and from scratch with a modular architecture, we get the best use of board resources.

hack the PCB

Do you want to change the speaker for a jack connector? Great! All the PCB & schematics designs are available.